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  • Remediant CS

    Complete defense against insider threats compromised credentials

    Founded in: 2019 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Administrators need access to accounts with special permission to do their job, but hackers target those same accounts. Critical data & assets are safeguarded from unauthorized access, while still allowing administrators to easily perform management tasks.


    Even when Administrator usernames & passwords are compromised.


    IT Administrators can easily & securely access the systems they manage.


    Visibility allows you to see what critical systems are being accessed, at any moment.

    • Identity and Access Management
  • FRSecure Information Security

    To fix the broken industry.

    Founded in: 2010 0 projects worked

    FRSecure is a full-service information security management company that protects sensitive, confidential business information from unauthorized access, disclosure, distribution and destruction.

    Information security is not a one-size-fits-all as others would lead you to believe. FRSecure works hard to assess your most significant vulnerabilities (information security assessment), put a plan together for managing those risks (information security roadmap), and helps you execute that plan (information security program development).

    • GDPR Compliance
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • +2
  • Twistlock CS

    Cloud Native Cybersecurity

    Founded in: 2018 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Twistlock is a cloud native cybersecurity platform.  From precise, actionable vulnerability management to automatically deployed runtime protection and firewalls, Twistlock protects applications across the development lifecycle and into production.  Purpose-built for containers, serverless, and other leading technologies. Twistlock gives developers the speed they want, and CISOs the controls they need.

    • Cloud Security
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • +2
  • LEANmade.com

    making sure that you, your company and your data stay secure and compliant

    Founded in: 2019 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Our goal is to help you maximize business value from (new) cloud capabilities, while making sure that you, your company and your data stay secure and compliant.

    • Cloud Security
    • GDPR Compliance
    • +2
  • Bitglass CS

    Protection in the cloud, at access, and on any device

    Founded in: 2016 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Your company’s move to the cloud delivers flexibility and cost savings, but that doesn’t mean you should lose control of your data. Bitglass’ Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution enables your enterprise to adopt cloud apps while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Bitglass secures your data in the cloud, at access, on any device.

    Bitglass was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution.

    Protect corporate data on managed and unmanaged devices

    Enable contextual control of data access from any device, even unmanaged devices where agents can’t be deployed. With Bitglass, enterprises can also selectively wipe data from lost, stolen, or deprovisioned devices.

    Detect and respond to suspicious activity

    Detect and block anomalous user behaviors, such as a hacker (or even a rogue privileged user) login in from new devices or locations, or attempting to download unusually large amounts of data from a cloud app.

    Secure sensitive data within SaaS applications

    Take action on risky activities, such as sharing of regulated data, while also protecting against cloud breach risk by encrypting data-at-rest.

    Uncover hidden shadow IT threats

    Discover and assess threats on your networks from shadow IT cloud app usage, malware, anonymizers, and more.

    • Cloud Access Security Broker
    • +1
  • PhishMe CS

    Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organization

    Founded in: 2014 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    We launched PhishMe® because we saw a real opportunity in leveraging the everyday employee in the fight against phishing. After all, it’s the employee being targeted.

    Our team developed the PhishMe human-focused phishing defense concept based on dozens of years of experience in penetration testing, social engineering, abuse management, incident response and forensics. It was after analyzing annual assessment model results that we realized the need to engage employees with compelling exercises with dynamic, immersive training to effectively combat phishing attacks.  Thus, our flagship product, PhishMe Simulator, was born.

    The company was incorporated in 2011, but the PhishMe service launched publicly in 2008. Today, PhishMe is the leading provider of phishing threat management for organizations concerned about human susceptibility and response to advanced targeted attacks. PhishMe’s intelligence-driven solutions empower employees to be an active line of defense and source of attack intelligence by enabling them to identify, report, and mitigate spear phishing, malware, and drive-by threats. Our phishing incident response platform and phishing threat intelligence enables SOC and IR teams to respond faster to real threats – decreasing the risk of data breaches.

    Today, PhishMe serves more than a thousand customers around the world.

    • Phishing
  • Exabeam CS


    Founded in: 2016 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Exabeam provides security intelligence and management solutions to help organizations of any size protect their most valuable information. The Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform uniquely combines unlimited data collection at a predictable price, machine learning for advanced analytics, and automated incident response into an integrated set of products. The result is the first modern security intelligence solution that delivers where legacy security information and event management (SIEM) vendors have failed. Built by seasoned security and enterprise IT veterans from Imperva, ArcSight, and Sumo Logic, Exabeam is headquartered in San Mateo, California. Exabeam is privately funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cisco Investments, Norwest Venture Partners, Aspect Ventures, Icon Ventures, and investor Shlomo Kramer. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    • Analytics
    • User Behavior Analytics
  • Swimlane CS

    No Security Alert Left Behind

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Swimlane automates security operations for enterprise teams

    Organizations have been investing heavily in attack identification, threat intelligence and the staff required to triage, investigate and resolve security alerts. However, the traditional, manual processes leave security teams struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of work. Managers struggle to justify additional staff, and they lack visibility into their team’s current activities, metrics and performance. Alerts are not only going unresolved, they often go unseen.

    Swimlane is a security automation and orchestration platform that centralizes an organization’s security alerts, automates resolution, and dynamically produces metrics-based dashboards and reports. Using software-defined security (SDSec) methods and security orchestration, Swimlane automatically responds to alerts, automates the implementation of security controls, and protects the organization from future attacks—all at machine speeds.

    Empowering organizations with streamlined security operations

    Swimlane, founded by Cody Cornell and Brian Kafenbaum, is dedicated to empowering enterprises and government agencies to streamline and automate their security operations and incident response. As consultants to some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations, the team recognized the limitations of existing security operations management tools and the need for a purpose-built solution.

    Focused on the needs of their current clients, the Swimlane platform was designed to help organizations automate their security operations, while allowing them to continue to leverage their own internal processes. These manual processes were traditionally modeled in process flow diagrams and stored in physical binders, ticketing systems or spreadsheets. Now with Swimlane, a security team can quickly resolve security alerts, capture key performance metrics, generate insightful real-time dashboards and rapidly deploy proactive security protections — automatically with orchestration.

    • Autonomous Systems
    • Orchestration
  • Ziften CS

    All-the-Time Visibility

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Ziften delivers all-the-time visibility and control for any asset, anywhere – client devices, servers, and cloud VMs – whether on-network or remote; connected or not. Our unified systems management and security platform empowers IT operations and security teams to quickly repair user impacting endpoint issues, reduce their overall risk posture, speed security threat response, and increase operations productivity. Ziften’s secure enterprise architecture delivers continuous, streaming endpoint monitoring and historical data collection for large and mid-sized enterprises, governments, and managed security service providers (MSSP). And Ziften helps extend the value of incumbent tools, and fill the gaps between fragmented, siloed systems.

    • Endpoint Detection
    • Endpoint Device Management
  • Recorded Future CS

    Vast Intelligence, Focused Insights.

    Founded in: 2012 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Our goal is to empower our customers with contextualized threat intelligence in real time, enabling organizations to proactively defend against threats at the speed and scale of the internet. At the heart of this is our unique technology. Founded in 2009, we’re a startup that’s growing fast and headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts with offices in Virginia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

    • Threat Hunting
    • Threat Intelligence
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