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  • Darktrace CS

    The Enterprise Immune System

    Founded in: 2016 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Darktrace was founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2013 by mathematicians and machine learning specialists from the University of Cambridge, together with world-leading intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ, to bring transformative technology to the challenge of cyber security.
    With this unique combination of expertise in mathematics, software and intelligence, Darktrace has delivered the world’s first operational Enterprise Immune System. Our leading-edge solution gives organizations the ability to detect emerging cyber-threats, allowing them the opportunity to proactively defend against in-progress cyber-attacks.
    Our executive team has extensive experience in government intelligence and cyber operations and the protection of critical national infrastructure. This team is supported by a specialist cyber analyst team, with unparalleled experience of some of the most sophisticated threats in today’s complex security environment.
    Darktrace has experienced rapid growth since its foundation, growing revenues by over 600% year-over-year, and recruiting over 600 employees working across 30 global offices. It was named ‘Best Security Company of the Year 2016’ at the Info Security Global Excellence Awards and a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2015.
    We have raised over $175 million in funding from investors including Invoke Capital, Talis Capital, Hoxton Ventures, Summit Partners, KKR, Softbank, TenEleven, Samsung and Insight Venture Partners.
    Darktrace is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, with global offices in New York, Auckland, London, Milan, Mumbai, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C.

    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Shadows CS


    Founded in: 2014 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Digital Shadows monitors, manages and remediates digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect an organization’s business, brand, and reputation.

    • Threat Intelligence
  • Zimperium CS

    The Leader in Mobile Threat Defense

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    United States-based Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile security, offering real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown Android and iOS threats. The Zimperium platform leverages our award-winning machine learning-based engine, z9, to protect mobile data, apps and sessions against device compromises, network attacks and malicious apps. To date, z9 has detected 100% of zero-day mobile exploits without requiring an update or suffering from the delays and limitations of cloud-based detection—something no other mobile security provider can claim.
    Zimperium, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with major offices in Dallas and San Francisco. The company was incorporated in 2013, the same year it purchased the assets of Zimperium, Ltd. Zimperium, Inc. has no ownership interest in Zimperium, Ltd. Zimperium, Inc. is backed by Warburg Pincus, SoftBank, Sierra Ventures, Telstra and Samsung.
    Zimperium, Inc. is a global company with hundreds of customers and dozens of employees/contractors around the world. Our customers include enterprises of all sizes, large federal and local government agencies, leading mobile operators and major OEM partners.

    • Mobile
  • Veracode CS


    Founded in: 2009 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Veracode envisions a world where secure software is synonymous with great software, and where applications that matter are made to be secure from the start.
    With its powerful combination of automation, process and speed, Veracode seamlessly integrates application security into the software lifecycle, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development/deployment chain.

    • Application Software Security
  • Zingbox CS

    Enabling the internet of trusted things

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Even by conservative estimates, over 20 billion connected devices are expected to be in use by the year 2020. Unfortunately, such promise of innovation and growth has been accompanied by concerns of visibility, vulnerability, and service disruptions – the same concerns that traditional IT security solutions cannot address. That is why ZingBox was founded.
    At ZingBox, we recognize that to realize the full benefit of IoT devices requires a revolutionary approach to security. Rather than being handcuffed by traditional IT security philosophy, we designed an IoT security solution from the ground up specifically to secure IoT environments. Our solution is non-intrusive, clientless, cloud-based, and out-of-band. These features are not simply the benefits of our solution – they are the underlying principle.
    Our goal is not just to secure IoT devices but to enable the Internet of Trusted Things.

    • IoT Security
  • TrapX CS

    Deception in depth deceive attackers at every step

    Founded in: 2004 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    TrapX Security is the leader in deception technology. Our solution rapidly detects, analyzes and defeats new zero-day, targeted attacks, and malicious insiders. DeceptionGrid provides automated, highly accurate insight into malicious activities unseen by other types of cyber defenses.

    • Deception
  • Stackrox CS

    Adaptive threat protection for containers

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price


    Enterprises have their sights set on containers and microservices, but often have no reliable path forward – particularly when it comes to protecting themselves against new and evolving threats.


    An approach where security is built in, not bolted on.
    An approach that unshackles security teams from a patchwork of point solutions.

    Containers aren’t just another IT environment to secure. To StackRox, containers are a vehicle for establishing fundamentally better security across the entire enterprise. Our breakthroughs invisibility, adaptive protection, and automation exemplify that.



    Our entire team operates as a trusted partner to each of our customers, and we’re committed to serving as an indispensable resource throughout their journey from containers to web-scale microservices.


    We’ve poured tremendous security, infrastructure, and machine learning expertise into clearing our customers’ paths to innovation and business agility, and protecting them every step of the way.

    • Cloud Security
  • CipherCloud CS

    Cloud information protection solutions for enterprises

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    CipherCloud, the leader in cloud information protection, enables organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliance risks. CipherCloud delivers an open platform with comprehensive security controls, including AES 256-bit encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention, malware detection and visibility tools. CipherCloud’s ground breaking technology protects sensitive information in real time, before it is sent to the cloud, while preserving application usability and functionality.

    • Cloud Security
  • Netskope CS

    The leader in cloud security

    Founded in: 2015 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    We’re a cloud security company and our mission is to evolve security for the way people work.
    Netskope was founded on four key tenets — these remain true today.
    1. Cloud services are how people work and collaborate.  They no longer seek IT’s permission to use those services.
    2. These services can be accessed from anywhere. Whether that’s on or off your network, via mobile devices, or through sync clients.
    3. These services are written using APIs. Security tools that don’t understand APIs are no longer as relevant.
    4. IT can no longer block cloud services. Instead, they need a way to say “yes.”
    Our mission is to evolve security for the way people work.
    Founded by early architects and distinguished engineers from security and networking leaders like Palo Alto Networks, NetScreen, Juniper Networks, Cisco, and VMware, our team is the strongest.

    • Cloud Security
  • PatternEx CS

    Transform SecOps with Virtual Analysts

    Founded in: 2016 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    When your goal is to bring Artificial Intelligence to InfoSec, you better have the skills to back it up. Knowing the scope of the problem we were attacking, we set about identifying and recruiting the top minds in four key areas:  Artificial Intelligence, distributed systems, operational security, and go-to-market. This team and the advances in information technology that they have produced are changing the world of information security. For the better.

    • Artificial Intelligence