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  • ReversingLabs CS

    To use our experience and expertise from the security world to provide state of the art solutions for organizations to protect all their digital assets.

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    ReversingLabs was formed in 2009 to combat the next generation of intelligent cyber threats. Our customers include antivirus vendors, security vendors, government agencies, and commercial enterprises.

    In 2011, we entered into a strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT) to work with a number of government agencies. ReversingLabs has over 75 employees in the US, Switzerland and Croatia. Members of our team have presented at Black Hat and RSA, discovered 15 vulnerabilities, authored a paper on undocumented PE formats and initiated 2 Open Source projects. In 2011, we received industry recognition as a recipient of the SINET 20 Award and a finalist in the MITX Innovation Awards.

    • Threat Hunting
  • ThetaRay CS

    Hidden threats. Infinite opportunities

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    ThetaRay’s AI solutions pinpoint future problems, discover new opportunities, and expose blind spots within complex data sets that are growing bigger all the time. Invented by two world-renowned mathematicians, our patented algorithms detect anomalies in real time, radically reduce false positives, and uncover “unknown unknowns.” We serve financial institutions, industrial manufacturers, aviation businesses, and critical infrastructure providers internationally.

    • Analytics
  • ID Quantique CS

    Redefining the fields of Random Numbers, Quantum-Safe Crypto and Photon Counting

    Founded in: 2005 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    ID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed to protect data for the long-term future. The company provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation and quantum key distribution solutions and services to the financial industry, enterprises and government organisations globally.

    IDQ also commercializes a quantum random number generator, which is the reference in the security, simulation and gaming industries.

    Additionally, IDQ is a leading provider of optical instrumentation products, most notably photon counters and related electronics. The company’s innovative photonic solutions are used in both commercial and research applications.

    • Quantum Encryption
  • X15 Software CS

    Shining a Light on Cybercrime

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    X15 Software is a fast-growing, privately held company. Our products are designed to be used in some of the largest and most demanding machine data environments. During the last decade, our founders and investors have been involved with some of the most significant products in the data management industry.

    • Threat Hunting
  • Illumio CS

    Illumio is the Fastest Way to Segment Your Data Center

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Founded in 2013 by successful security industry pros, Illumio started with the mission that security should be the enabler — not the roadblock — to agile computing in both traditional data centers and public clouds. To build the most comprehensive and continuous security platform for the world’s most demanding organizations, our management team was recruited from industry leaders in the security and computing world including Cisco, Juniper, VMware, Nicira, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Fortify, and Riverbed. They bring with them the knowledge and well-earned track record to make Illumio the new foundation for cloud and data center security

    • Cloud Security
  • Rubicon Labs CS

    We secure and protect the IoT

    Founded in: 2011 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    10’s of Billions of devices will connect to the Internet by 2022. Every connected device brings a new security risk. The IoT is built on these connected devices and is enabling new businesses, new data, and new services. None of these can be rolled out without security and identity on every IoT device.

    • IoT Security
  • InfoArmor CS

    Detection is the New Prevention

    Founded in: 2011 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    InfoArmor Advanced Threat Intelligence is a world-leading provider of operatively-sourced threat intelligence. InfoArmor Advanced Threat Intelligence delivers unsurpassed targeted threat intelligence, versus voluminous threat information, sourced by an elite team of Dark Web operatives and researchers. The award-winning VigilanteATI® Advanced Threat Intelligence platform has become the de facto standard in delivering true threat intelligence for any size organization. With a robust feature set, VigilanteATI provides comprehensive, actionable and contextual intelligence derived from Dark Web infiltration. Products and services can be delivered in a variety of flexible options and focus on breach intelligence, network exposure, compromised data, risk mitigation, Dark Web surveillance and operative engagement. VigilanteATI provides the highest level of timely and accurate threat intelligence with real-time, client-specific alerts designed to mitigate risk with minimal effort required by your IT security team. InfoArmor Advanced Threat Intelligence products and services are applicable to a broad array of enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, SMBs, higher education, and managed service providers. For more information, please visit ati.infoarmor.com

    • Threat Intelligence
  • Kenna Security CS

    See True Risk for the First Time.

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Kenna is a Vulnerability & Risk Intelligence platform that’s never been seen before. Our customers face a lot of vulnerabilities – would you believe, millions? – and they’re trying to prioritize and remediate them using spreadsheets. It doesn’t work. They need data science at scale, and a way to measure risk that can be presented everywhere, including inside the board room. Kenna solves these problems, and in the process, creates passionate and loyal customer evangelists.

    We know how to solve these challenges because we’ve experienced firsthand just how frustrating and challenging vulnerability management can be – the struggles with being unable to keep up with the volume of scan data, having to settle for inadequate security due to budget constraints, picking a remediation list at random (and hoping for the best), and being unable to measure and report on your team’s efforts to reduce your exposure to risk.

    • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
  • Terbium Labs CS

    Proactive security in an insecure world

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    We are a different sort of information security company. At Terbium Labs, we provide proactive solutions beginning with the assumption that your critical data is always at risk. That’s why we focus on data intelligence, building systems to find your sensitive information wherever it may appear on the internet. We are an elite group of information security professionals with expertise in everything from cryptography to large-scale information systems. 

    We protect organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary, or political gain. By offering continuous, proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid breach detection, we enable companies to better manage risk and keep high-value data safe.

    • Threat Intelligence
  • Cylance CS

    Prevent Cyberattacks
 with Artificial Intelligence. Cybersecurity that predicts, prevents, and protects

    Founded in: 2016 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Cylance® is revolutionizing cybersecurity with products and services that proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware. Our technology is deployed on over ten million endpoints and protects hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide including Fortune 100 organizations and government institutions.

    • Endpoint Detection
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