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  • Cyence CS

    Cyence is now part of Guidewire Software

    Founded in: 2015 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Cyence combines data science, cybersecurity, and economics into a unique analytics platform that quantifies the financial impact of cyber risk. Cyence is used by leaders across the financial services industry to prospect and select risks, assess and price risks, manage portfolio risk accumulations, and bring new insurance products to market.

    • Cyber Insurance
  • Minded Security CS

    The software security company

    Founded in: 2008 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Minded Security was established in Italy in 2007 with a focus on supporting businesses and organizations to build secure products and services. 

The creation of Minded Security Research Lab resulted in some of the most important advancements in software security including the development of the first tool for Flash Security Testing (SWFintruder), and the first tool for Client Side Testing using Dynamic Tainting Analysis (DOMinatorPro).

Our unique expertise on Software Security permits us to support businesses and organizations to build secure products and services.

Minded Security innovative technologies are the culmination of over many years of research and thousands of successful software security consulting engagements at leading public and private organizations throughout the world.

    From 2014 Minded Security UK was created to host resources at Level 39 in London to accelerate R&D on application security products and for expanding current products and services in the European market.

    • Application Software Security
  • LookingGlass CS


    Founded in: 2010 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    The LookingGlass solution portfolio delivers 360° cybersecurity and intelligence. Global businesses and agencies choose from solutions built upon innovative security technologies and best-in-class threat intelligence, all augmented by our worldwide team of intelligence analysts. Our portfolio provides unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical, and third party risks.

    Organizations of any size and level of security operations maturity can leverage our scalable solutions to address their cybersecurity requirements. The objective may be to acquire actionable threat data feeds in the form of machine-readable threat intelligence, or it may be to extend their security operations with LookingGlass threat intelligence analysts and services. For other organizations, the goal may be to obtain a platform to contextualize, prioritize, and manage threat intelligence. And still, other businesses may require network mitigation capabilities enabled our threat intelligence to defend their assets.

    Regardless of whether businesses or agencies choose one solution or the entire arsenal, LookingGlass addresses the full spectrum of threats including structured threats and Indicators of Compromise, unstructured and open source risk data, internal network telemetry, and physical threats – 360° cybersecurity and intelligence.

    • Threat Intelligence
  • Nuix CS


    Founded in: 2001 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Nuix Protects, Informs, and Empowers Society in the Knowledge Age

    Leading organizations around the world turn to Nuix when they need fast, accurate answers for investigation, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, regulation, privacy, risk management, and other essential challenges.

    Nuix makes small work of big data volumes and complex file formats.

    Our solutions combine advanced technology with the extensive knowledge of our global team of industry experts. We bring data to life with clarity and intelligence to solve critical business problems, reduce crime, and secure and manage information

    • Analytics
  • Mocana CS

    Mocana Secures Your World

    Founded in: 2003 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Mocana protects millions of industrial control systems and smart connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things. Find out why more than 200 of the largest industrial manufacturing, aerospace, defense, utilities, oil and gas and transportation companies depend on Mocana to harden their devices and enable secure device-to cloud communications.

    • IoT Security
  • Vectra AI CS

    Vectra AI automates the hunt for cyber attackers and speeds-up incident response

    Founded in: 2012 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    The company’s Cognito cybersecurity platform provides real-time, automated threat hunting and response powered by artificial intelligence. The result is blind-spot-free threat detection coverage across the entire network infrastructure – from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices. Cognito lets you respond quickly and decisively to attacks by putting the most relevant threat information and context at your fingertips.

    And Vectra hasn’t forgotten about your existing security infrastructure. By providing additional threat intelligence to firewalls, endpoint security and other enforcement points, Cognito can block unknown and customized attacks. In addition, Cognito provides the best starting point for SIEMs and forensic tools to speed-up threat investigations.

    Our core team consists of threat researchers, data scientists, network security engineers, user interface designers and white hats. We’re passionate and committed to making a difference in a world where cybersecurity is a top concern and we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible to drive the next-generation of network security.

    • Network Detection
  • Tigera CS

    Modern applications require a new approach to connectivity.
Tigera delivers it.

    Founded in: 2017 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Tigera has its roots in a deceptively simple insight: how we were building data centers — with relatively static virtual machines connected by SDN-controlled overlay networks — was already difficult to manage and troubleshoot, and would not support the impending move to cloud-native environments.

    Our founders Christopher, Alex and Andy realized that the growth in workload volume and dynamicity would create new challenges for securing and scaling application connectivity. Moreover, traditional solutions could not be retrofitted to address these challenges. So they went back to the drawing board and applied best practices learned operating internet-scale networks, as well as cutting-edge distributed systems technologies.

    The revolutionary open source project they launched, Calico, was immediately embraced by the emerging cloud native community.

    They established Tigera in 2016 to help organizations adopt cloud-native infrastructure solutions built on Calico and related technologies, and as a vehicle to contribute their extensive application communications expertise to the community.

    Today, Tigera is trusted by many of the worl

    • Cloud Security
  • Silent Circle

    Nothing seen. Nothing heard. Nothing disclosed. Enter Silent Circle.

    Founded in: 2013 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    We were founded by some of the best minds in mobile technology, encryption, security, and privacy.

    Silent circle keeps conversations between employees, customers, and partners private.

    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Trustlook CS

    Supercharge Your Product with the Smart Security Engine

    Founded in: 2014 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    Trustlook was founded in 2013 by Allan Zhang and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Allan, a security industry veteran, had a vision for a security solution that goes beyond the existing tools available today, and detects and addresses zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware. Trustlook has gone on to become the global leader in next-generation cybersecurity products based on artificial intelligence. Their innovative SECUREai engine delivers the performance and scalability needed to provide total threat protection against malware and other forms of attack. Trustlook’s solutions protect mobile devices, network appliances, and the IoT. The company is managed by leading security experts from Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Google and Yahoo.

    • Artificial Intelligence
  • ReversingLabs CS

    To use our experience and expertise from the security world to provide state of the art solutions for organizations to protect all their digital assets.

    Founded in: 2010 0 projects worked $1.00 avg prod price

    ReversingLabs was formed in 2009 to combat the next generation of intelligent cyber threats. Our customers include antivirus vendors, security vendors, government agencies, and commercial enterprises.

    In 2011, we entered into a strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT) to work with a number of government agencies. ReversingLabs has over 75 employees in the US, Switzerland and Croatia. Members of our team have presented at Black Hat and RSA, discovered 15 vulnerabilities, authored a paper on undocumented PE formats and initiated 2 Open Source projects. In 2011, we received industry recognition as a recipient of the SINET 20 Award and a finalist in the MITX Innovation Awards.

    • Threat Hunting
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