October 18, 2017
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Introducing Seclytics Predictive Threat Intelligence

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Hello, we are Seclytics and we predict threats before they launch.

Over the past two years, our team built a truly predictive threat intelligence platform and we are now ready to introduce the next stage in the evolution of internet security.

First, there was hash based detection of malicious binaries.

Then, there were signatures and heuristics.

Those were good at stopping known threats. But what about the threats we haven’t seen?

Then came zero day protection products.

What’s next? How do you get better than 0 day?

With our predictive platform we can identify malicious infrastructure before they even launch the attack. That makes us negative day protection.

Sounds too good to be true?

Just a few days ago, multiple security vendors reported on the high profile APT ProjectSauron/Remsec [1] which targeted multiple government agencies, telecoms and financial institutions. Detecting sophisticated attacks like this is very difficult which explains why this attack went undetected for 5 years [2].

According to Kaspersky, Running an expensive cyberespionage campaign like ProjectSauron requires vast domain and server infrastructure uniquely assigned to each victim organization and never reused again. This makes traditional network-based indicators of compromise almost useless because they won’t be reused in any other organization.

Of the 6 IP IOCs mentioned in Kaspersky’s recent post [3] about ProjectSauron, we predicted 3 of the IPs earlier this year and two of the predictions are valid from 2014.

  • 81[.]4[.]108[.]168
  • 5[.]196[.]206[.]166
  • 178[.]211[.]40[.]117

We are different than traditional network-based solutions because our classifiers analyze the global infrastructure of the internet. We don’t depend on any kind of reputation or previous malicious activity to generate our predictions.

We will continue tweeting specific attacks as they are seen with our predicited date. So be sure to follow us.

Follow @seclytics

We hope that together we can help change the security landscape from reactive to proactive.

If you would like to protect your organization with our predictive analytics, please contact us.




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